The 5 Steps of the 5 Day Weekend Plan?

”The 5 Day Weekend is both a mindset and a proven methodology for adding three more days to your weekend, every week for the rest of your life.”

Somehow, we got it all wrong in our culture. It’s engrained in us that we have to work a minimum of forty hours a week for at least forty years. As the plan goes, we save a portion of our income and invest it for retirement. At retirement age, we’ve accumulated a pile of cash, which we invest conservatively and then live off the interest and principal, drawing down a little each year.

But what if life could be different? What if you could flip the five days on and two days off lifestyle to a five days off and two days on lifestyle?

What if you could earn far more money and create far more freedom by working just two days a week and have five days to do whatever you wanted to do? And what if you could do this not just once in a while, but every week consistently for the rest of your life?

What could you do with three more days of weekend every single week?

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The power of the 5 Steps explained:

Step 1: Keep More Money

First, you analyze your existing resources and maximize their efficiency before focusing on developing more resources. You reclaim dollars that are currently being drained from your finances using specific cash flow recovery methods. This enables you to then utilize those freed-up funds for investing.

Step 2: Make More Money

The focus on this step is to increase your income as much as possible so you have cash with which to invest. Entrepreneurial income is income you earn outside of a job. Ideally, it is generated even if you’re not physically present. However, it may be more active income in your early stages.

Step 3: Grow More Money

At this point, you’ve built a base of assets. Now the focus is on shifting your active income to passive income as quickly, safely, and efficiently as possible. You’ll use your cash flow to invest in projects that will continually generate cash flow for you over time.

There are two types of investments: Growth and Momentum. Growth investments are safe, conservative, and cash-flowing. Momentum investments are more speculative but offer higher upside potential.

Step 4: Power Up on the Journey

The payoff of a 5 Day Weekend is a lifestyle of freedom. But before enjoying the payoff, you must pay the price. Achieving your 5 Day Weekend requires that you conquer adversity, overcome your weaknesses, leverage your gifts, and become your best self. This is done through four key disciplines: strengthening your mindset, building your inner circle, fortifying your habits, and amplifying your energy.

Step 5: Enjoy Your 5 Day Weekend Lifestyle

With enough passive income streams in place, your investments can now fund and service your lifestyle and freedom. This may mean buying an expensive car or a luxurious villa overseas, or enjoying unforgettable getaways to the most exotic regions of the world. It may be spending more time with your favorite charity or underwriting an important cause.

Understanding Active Income Vs. Passive Income is Key to Living a 5 Day Weekend Life

Most people are held captive by active income.

Active income is working as an employee for an hourly wage or set salary. It’s billing by the hour as a self- employed professional. Or it’s being self-employed and working long hours to pay the bills. If you are not physically performing the work, you don’t get paid.

If you stopped working right now, how long could you sustain your current lifestyle?

In the 5 Day Weekend strategy, you create passive income streams that can be managed, monitored, and grown on your schedule and your terms, with minimal time and effort.

Passive income is generated on a consistent basis without requiring your constant real-time presence. It may require some ongoing management, but money still flows even when you’re personally not doing the work.

There are various ways to generate passive income, and in the Information Age your passive income opportunities have never been so diverse, lucrative, and sound.

The aim of a 5 Day Weekend is to generate a wide range of income streams that constantly replenish your accounts and fuel your lifestyle. You control your destiny. You set your own schedule, call your own shots, and answer only to yourself.

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He is the founder of an Inc. 500 financial firm, paid Forbes contributor, and a frequent keynote speaker. Garrett lives in Salt Lake City.

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5 Day Weekend is more than a plan—it’s a worldview and a lifestyle. You know you’re a 5 Day Weekender if you resonate with the manifesto:

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