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If you want to become wealthy, you must learn to think like the rich. Some of the most powerful and wealthy people of the past century have relied on the power of the Rockefeller Formula using Cash Flow Insurance. Along with the Rockefeller family, that elite list includes people and groups such as Walt Disney, J.C. Penney, Ray Kroc, the Rothschild family, John F. Kennedy, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Senator John McCain secured initial campaign financing for his 2008 presidential campaign by using his life insurance policy as collateral.

The rich play by a different set of rules. The solution is simple: If you want to become rich, you must invest like the rich do.

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What is the Rockefeller Formula?

It’s a little known set of financial strategies that uses a whole life insurance policy to give you cash benefits and help you build wealth. Here is how it works.

  • You set up a whole life insurance policy with the ability to add cash above the minimum required premium.
  • Then, you overfund it by paying much more than the minimum payments. This builds your cash value quickly and enables you to take advantage of the living benefits of permanent life insurance.
  • Once your policy has built enough cash value — usually after one or two years — you can take out a loan against your policy at any time and for any amount up to 90-plus percent of the cash value. Notice that we said “against,” not “from.” Your loan isn’t taken out of your cash value. Rather, your cash value is used as collateral. Therefore, your policy continues to grow as if you hadn’t taken out a loan at all, because you are not actually taking any money out of the cash value of the policy.

Co-author of The 5 Day Weekend, Garret Gunderson will teach you the finer details of the Rockerfeller formula that more than 5000 happy clients are already using to Make More Money!

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The Benefits of the Rockefeller Formula

While the Rockefeller Formula uses a whole life insurance policy as a financial savings vehicle, the insurance itself is only one of the many benefits this strategy affords you.

  • access cash for any purpose (while your balance continues to grow).
  • pay for your kids’ education, finance your own home, buy cash flow investments, or even pay off loans.
  • no specific payback period or credit check (or even a good credit score).
  • loans to purchase investments.
  • pay back the loans quickly
  • never have to rush to pay back a loan.

Borrowing from your Cash Flow Insurance policy will never affect your credit, since there are no such things as late payments. Additionally, if the loan is for your business, in most cases the interest you pay on it is tax deductible.

It is the perfect source of Investment cash

“As a business owner, I am constantly looking at opportunities, and using my Cash Flow Insurance policy to take advantage of new opportunities. I have used my Cash Flow Insurance policy many times since 1998 to buy into businesses, pay off real estate and credit cards, and to invest in a video recording studio for my business.” – Garrett Gunderson

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