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Grow MORE Money with Tax Liens

We all understand that property taxes are paid so they can fund any public services offered to the community. Property taxes are major source of revenue for counties. If property owners fail to pay property taxes there’s a financial shortfall of revenue for the county which will have adverse effects in the community. This is why the government has such strict interest penalties for property owners who miss payments. This is bad for property owners but a windfall for 5 Day Weekend investors.

Investing in Tax Liens is Socially Responsible Too!

Each year up to $10 billion dollars of tax liens are issued in the US providing a massive opportunity for investors. Unique to investing in tax liens is that you have a regular supply of liens available for you to invest in and you don’t have to attend auctions in person.

Tax Lien Investing is Simple!

From an investors standpoint investing in tax liens is very simple. When property owners become delinquent on their property taxes the city or county in which the property is located in places a lien on the property. A little unknown fact is the tax lien certificates are created by the municipalities and reflect the amount that is owed on the property tax plus interest penalties. The certificates are auctioned off to investors by the county so they can fund the operations of the municipalities. This is where the big investment strategy begins.

The Safest and Highest Return on Investment

Tax liens can be purchased for as little as a few hundred dollars and as high as a hundred thousand dollars; both residential and commercial properties or undeveloped land qualify. These are safe investments because property owners must pay off the lien with interest in order to remove the lien and that interest goes to the investors who have purchased the liens. In other words, the tax liens come with legally mandated returns making them among the safest and returns on investment you can find for small amounts needed to invest.

Tax liens are also socially responsible because they actually help the property owners by extending the amount of time needed for the owner to pay his taxes. This is known as “the redemption”, and it can be anywhere between three months and four years and starts the day after the tax sale. This is where many investors make amazing money and grow their money quickly. Check with your local tax office and they can provide you the information on delinquent property taxes so you can see the possibilities.

Real Life 5 Day Weekender Success Story

Glenda is a proprietary investor who was in search of additional cash flow to service her property portfolio. She used the tax lien strategy taught by Nic and Garrett and made her first profit in less than 30 days. She now has five tax liens and two tax resale properties and is earning 18% interest on these investments in the last seven months. Glenda has generated an income of $27,695.39 and the best part about it is that she makes for investments from home or the parts of the world when she is traveling. She also has two properties valued at $128,000 which she purchased at $0.08 on the dollar. “I wanted to safety invest with consistency and predictability and that’s exactly what I got with the tax lien system.”