Increase Cash Flow Using Real Estate

Start writing “call options” on your shares to rent them out. It doesn’t matter whether the share the price rises or not.

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Grow MORE Money by Renting Out Your Investments

Another part of the Grow MORE Money strategy is called sharelord rent. Most shareholders today buy shares and hold them without generating any rental income; they buy with the hope of selling the shares at a higher price for profit. This is the equivalent to property investors having investment properties and keeping them vacant, not realizing they could rent them out and generate an income. The only way to make money this way is if the share prices rise, and shareholders have zero control over that happening or not. This does not allow you to Grow MORE Money predictably. When you understand how to “rent your shares” you begin to control how fast your money grows.

Sharelord Investor Strategy Grows Cash Flow

The simple fact is that you can generate cash flow when you “rent” your shares to other investors. The sharelord investor strategy provides the cash flow to acquire more properties.

Increase Cash Flow by 18.6% a Month

You purchase a property a minimum of 100 shares of any particular stock. 100 shares equal one contract – let’s say you purchased 100 shares of XYZ stock at $8.80 (the value being $880) and then rented them out at a strike price of $10 for the month to a call option buyer assuming you received $.44 per share (or $44). This equates to a 5% return. If the shares were exercised at the strike price of $10 by the call option buyer, you would receive $10 per share. Your cash flow return for the month would skyrocket to 18.6% – this scenario offers as a second opportunity to generate additional cash flow. Using a small portion of the rental premium that was generated from renting out the shares you can then purchase insurance. Done correctly, the Sharelord Investor Strategy effectively uses none of your own money.

This sounds complicated but it’s really quite simple