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Since The 5 Day Weekend is based on cash flow, we structure the worksheet and the online calculator to focus on cash flow. The calculator makes it quick and easy to determine the properties that will cash flow the fastest and give you a return on your investment sooner!

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Cash Flow is King! Now You Can Calculate It!

Cash flow is the number one reason for real estate to be one of your top considerations for your 5 Day Weekend investments. Your goal is to create cash flow in just a few years that fuels your investing and powers your freedom of choice living the life you’ve always dreamed about. The Real Estate Cash Flow & ROI Calculator provide FREE on this site will help you evaluate your potential real estate investments in real time and with more security. This means you can take advantages of opportunities you never thought were an option – before now!

Explore Real Estate as Your Secret Cash Flow Generator

The secrets in the Real Estate Cash Flow & ROI Calculator allow you to build your real estate cash flow machine faster. The key to achieving your financial freedom is transforming your income from active to passive which you can do faster once you master the secrets to real estate investing! This strategy allows your money to work for you while you sleep and play! Imagine that!

    Now You Can:
  • gain leverage
  • build assets faster
  • increase tax advantages
  • stop early withdrawal penalties
  • no penalties for insider trading
Real Estate Cash Flow & ROI Calculator

One good real estate deal could be the start of your 5 Day Weekend! The Real Estate Cash Flow & ROI Calculator reveals how buying your first property is simpler than you ever thought possible by showing you how to research and leverage your resources. Find the right property and use cash flow filters to make the best deal. The formulas in the Real Estate Cash Flow & ROI Calculator were developed by real estate professionals using several proven methods to evaluate property and opportunity.