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I want to teach you how to think AND ACT like the rich!

To be rich, you have to think and act like the rich. In this course, I will show you the tricks and methods the wealthy use to create more wealth.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. Instead, I will teach you a Cash Flow system that will give you stability and safety, but also opportunity and liquidity, so when you see the right opportunities, you can pounce on them. You will be able to invest but, at the same time, have a system that works where you no longer have to budget and cut back and sacrifice and save, delay, defer. I will show you how to build wealth starting from where you are today. In fact, when I was 19, I started by investing $100 a month.

I won’t ask you to cut back your lifestyle, because that is not how the rich think or act. You won’t have to get rid of the things that you love. As a matter of fact, this system allows you to enjoy life more along the way and yet still have more wealth in the future. And it isn’t based upon speculation or some type of magic, because the bottom line is, I’ve been doing this since 1998. This has been my lifelong never-fail-me wealth formula. This is about sustainable wealth. It is about having wealth without having to manage your money every single moment of every single day, or have to pinch pennies until you get blisters on your fingers.

You will also learn the philosophy of wealth, and the philosophy of investing. Most people, when they think they’re investing, in reality, are actually gambling. Too many people are handing their money over into structures that they don’t understand, like retirement plans, that defer their interest and taxes. But one day, they will have a huge financial reckoning when they do have to pay those taxes.

There is a better way. The Rockefeller way. Let me show it to you.

The Rockefeller Formula Puts Your Money to Work for You 

The concept behind the Rockefeller formula is deceptively simple.

  • You set up a whole life insurance policy with the ability to add cash above the minimum required premium. 
  • Then, you overfund it by paying much more than the minimum payments. This builds your cash value quickly and enables you to take advantage of the living benefits of permanent life insurance.
  • Once your policy has built enough cash value — usually after one or two years — you can take out a loan against your policy at any time and for any amount up to 90-plus percent of the cash value. Notice that we said “against,” not “from.” Your loan isn’t taken out of your cash value. Rather, your cash value is used as collateral. Therefore, your policy continues to grow as if you hadn’t taken out a loan at all, because you are not actually taking any money out of the cash value of the policy.

While anyone can buy, and overfund a whole life insurance policy, that is not the entire Rockefeller Formula, only the vehicle. If not done properly, you could lose money due to the up-front costs of the life insurance policy. Or, if it is designed poorly, the insurance costs could be too high, and it could take too long before you can benefit from its cash value.

In this course, you will learn how to set up a Cash Flow Insurance policy which is a policy that is set up specifically to maximize your benefits and minimize your risks.

What the Rockefeller Formula Can Do For You

The Rockefeller Formula is about rigging the financial system in your favor. 

  • It’s about creating the ‘VELOCITY OF MONEY” to explode financial growth while minimizing risk. 
  • It’s about earning interest instead of paying it.  It is about boosting your savings accounts and interest rates without taking on an extra ounce of risk.  It’s about not having to wait until you are 59 ½ years old to benefit from your life savings but rather shows you how to enjoy the benefits of your money right now.  It’s about lowering or eliminating taxes  It’s about setting up an infrastructure for financial success and wealth.  It’s about passing on the benefits of your wealth to the next generations in a way that side-steps the death tax.  It’s about earning a consistent, guaranteed return no matter what the stock market does.  It’s about becoming your own “bank” so you can quickly borrow cash for anything you want without the hassle of a loan application and no annoying credit checks.  It’s about building up a cash reserve for investing, emergencies, vacations, business needs or tax-free retirement. 

Since those early days in my 20’s, I have helped 5161 happy clients use the Rockefeller formula to achieve their financial goals. Now I’d like to show you this system.

What you will you learn 

In this ? part online course, financial expert Garret Gunderson will give you very specific advice to start thinking and behaving like you have the financial IQ of Warren Buffet. You will have wished you learned all of this financial wisdom years ago. And you will start building true, sustainable wealth that you can pass on.

You will learn:

  • How to start to paying yourself first.
  • The game changing effect that differentiating expenses will make on your life, because once you do, no longer will you be at the mercy of “Okay, there’s a market downtown. This is one of the greatest and closely-guarded things that the wealthiest people in the world know about money.
  • How banks and companies like Berkshire Hathaway use insurance policies to create money, and how you can do the same for yourself.
  • How to maximize your pension
  • How to use a CRT (Charitable Remainder Trust) and your Cash Flow Insurance to maximize what you can give and keep.
  • How much whole life insurance you need to buy to make the system work.
  • How to fund your Cash Flow Insurance policy
  • How to start a wealth capture account.
  • How to maximize tax savings using the Rockefeller Formula
  • How to build you own family bank and pass on the benefits of your wealth for generations.
Here’s what’s included with The Rockefeller Method course 
  • Online access to ?? training videos of Garrett giving you detailed instructions and advice. 
  • Downloadable audio files you can take with you 
  • Downloadable PDF files so that you don’t have to take notes 
  • Anytime, anywhere life-time access so you can take the course at your own pace and convenience and come back to it any time. 
Your Instructor, Garrett Gunderson 

Garrett Gunderson is a leading voice in money and finance. He has helped countless business owners create efficient wealth strategies that fit their unique strengths. He is a natural born entrepreneur who started his first real business at 15. He was a multimillionaire buy age 26. His passion is to help others find their purpose and passion using proven principals.

As a financial expert Garrett has appeared on the television shows ABC’s Good Money, Your World with Neil Cavuto on Fox, CNBC’s Squawk on the Street (although he was kicked off), First Business as well as hundreds of radio interviews, podcasts, and newspaper articles—and his firm was named to the Inc 500.

As an entrepreneur, financial advocate, the Founder of Wealth Factory and author of the NY Times bestselling book Killing Sacred Cows, Garrett has dedicated his career to making personal finance for entrepreneurs simple, immediately actionable and even enjoyable.

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