Dig Deeper into the 5 Day Weekend Lifestyle with Free Tools

5 Day Weekenders aren’t in it just for the money. Money is a means to financial freedom and a 5 Day Weekend lifestyle – which is living with purpose, on purpose. We’ve created a library of tools to help you tailor your 5 Day Weekend plan to your strengths and interests, and to create your own personal 5 Day Weekend contract. You’ll find everything you need to move forward.

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Tailor your 5 Day Weekend plan to your strengths, interests, and opportunities.

A 5 Day Weekend plan shifts your income sources from active to passive. It’s a five-step process: make money, grow money, keep money, power up on your journey and live the freedom lifestyle. Most people work for their money. Nik shows you how to get your money working for you so you can follow a freedom lifestyle.

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Commit to Your 5 Day Weekend Contract

The 5 Day Weekend has been achieved, not just by Nik but by thousands of other people across the globe. Every serious financial plan and lifestyle requires a sort of contract. How are you going to achieve yours? What will your passive income ratio be? What will your sustainable financial wealth amount to? Nik and Garrett have created a tool for you to build your contract according to your personal goals.

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Your Power Up! Plan

The 5 Day Weekend is a journey. To get there you practice four key disciplines: strengthening your mindset, building your inner circle, fortifying your habits, and amplifying your energy.

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Your Freedom Lifestyle Plan

How can you translate your success into meaning? Through service. Building businesses, making money, and having adventures are all important, fun, and rewarding. But ultimately, as research shows, the greatest meaning and fulfillment in life are found in what we contribute to others.

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