5DW isn’t only growing your weekend. It’s leveling-up your life

5 Day Weekend can be a wakeup call for you to change, it can offer new ideas or crystalize thoughts that have been floating around. It may spur you to action. It may challenge you to live to the fullest. Find out how you can start – and what you can expect.

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3 Proven Processes to Live the Lifestyle

With the 5 Day Weekend paradigm, you liberate your mind and finances. We’ve got a 5 Day Weekend Plan that keeps, makes and grows more money for you. And our power up and freedom lifestyle plan add more ways for you to expand your life. Find out more here.

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Live the lifestyle requires creating a plan

The 5 Day Weekend Plan involves creating a foundation for change, growing income, creating wealth, planning your journey into freedom and living your purpose. It’s a step-by-step plan that you tailor to your personal goals. Find out more here.

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Once you have a 5 Day Weekend plan, you need to put it into action

It’s not impossible to achieve a 5 Day Weekend lifestyle. Remember that after Roger Bannister id the impossible and broke the 4-minute mile, 30 other runners did the same within 9 months of his achievement. Thousands of people are living a 5 Day Weekend. Now you can write and sign your own 5 Day Weekend Contract to have a record of what you want. Find out more here.

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You need to invest in your lifestyle in the right way

How do you get in the right spirit to live the 5 Day Weekend lifestyle? Power Up! Strengthen your mindset, build an inner circle, fortify your habits and amplify your energy. Nik and Garrett have done these – and they share their secrets with you.

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How will you live your freedom in all areas?

You need to plan your freedom, as you do your finances. Create your life purpose – determine what you want to be remembered for, create more choice for yourself, increase your productivity, live simply. Here’s what Nik and Garrett do to ensure their continuing freedom.

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What’s keeping you from living the 5 Day Weekend lifestyle?

Push boundaries. Keep living larger. 5 Day Weekenders focus on creating and adding value. Find out how you can do what Nik does.

Make Each Weekend A 5 Day Weekend