To add 3 days to your weekend requires keeping more money

Over 10% of people’s income is lost to Uncle Sam, big banks and Wall Street. When you reclaim the cash that’s lost to these sources, you get an immediate cash-flow increase without spending more time or changing your habits. Find out more about how Nik’s and Garrett’s proprietary cash flow recovery system finds lost dollars in your income – and puts them to better use.

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Proven Processes for Keeping More Money

Our 4-step strategy shows you how to pay down debt. Once you crush your debt burden you can increase your cash flow. We call our strategy for keeping down debt, keeping more money and growing wealth using a special insurance product the Rockefeller Formula. Learn how to use it here.

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Keeping more of your money requires creating a plan

Being an entrepreneur is the best way to increase your income to grow and keep more money. Entrepreneurial income on the side gives you greater leverage and more opportunity than you can get at your job. Read more about remarkable opportunities for income here.

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Once you have a plan to be debt-free, you need to put your plan and money to work for you

Income opportunities are everywhere. Garrett started out with auto-detailing. Nik began his career with guitar lessons. Learn what works and what doesn’t – and what you’re good at and what you enjoy that earns you money. Here are the tools to find where the magic becomes reality.

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Ideas are great. But how do you put them to use?

Ideas are worthless unless they’re put into action, said Steve Jobs. Garrett has created a comprehensive tool for you to do that. The Idea Optimizer captures your idea, determines how it will work in the marketplace and lets you know if you should proceed. Find out more here.

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What is Keeping You From Living a 5 Day Weekends Every Week?

Nothing, At Least Not Any More!

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