Almost anyone can live the 5 Day Weekend, but if you want to be sure if this lifestyle is for you, read the following statements. If you agree with any 5 of these statements you are definitely primed and ready to become a 5 Day Weekend Warrior!

Even if for some reason, you can’t find yourself agreeing with 5 of the above state, do you know someone who might? Share this with them?

Is the 5 Day Weekend Right for Me?
A Personal Note From Author Nik Halik

You can change the way you live and work. You can enjoy more freedom and do what you care most about. A life rich with money, personal freedom, and purpose awaits you. The 5 Day Weekend mindset and its strategies empower you to create your own lifestyle.

As a teenager living in Melbourne, Australia I started giving guitar lessons. It then became a successful part-time business. I built a small group of instructors who worked for me. By the time I graduated from high school I had saved enough to buy a one-way ticket to Hollywood, California and pursue my dream of becoming a rock star. I formed a band and went on tour for almost a decade. I had a strong desire to create an income stream beyond the band. I worked hard and saved diligently to build cash ow in real estate and other investments. It took me eight years to have enough independent cash flow and to walk away from the band and live a 5 Day Weekend.

Your journey will be different. You may reach your goal of having enough independent cash flow sooner. Or, it may take you longer. It will require lots of study, hard work, and grit. If you choose to take the challenge, a life of freedom awaits you. My passions are extreme adventure travel and creating new global enterprises. How you live your own life of freedom is up to you.

You make the choices. The 5 Day Weekend is about more and better choices.

Are you ready to become a 5 Day Weekend success story?

Yes! I Want to Live the 5 Day Weekend

Although almost anyone can build a 5 Day weekend life, not everyone is willing to do what it takes to make that happen. It requires you shift your mindset about money, it may require you to step out of your comfort zone just a little. Some are so stuck in their own ways that it is hard for them to see another way. But if you ready to get a fresh perspective on money and creating wealth for yourself and your family, then the 5 Day Weekend will change your life. Are you ready for that change? Good. Then read through the following questions, be honest with yourself as you answer them, and keep a running tally of the questions that you answered with a “YES!”

  • 1) Do you hunger to life your own life on your own terms?
  • 2) Do you take responsibility for getting your own results?
  • 3) Are you committed to become the master of your fate and determine your own destiny?
  • 4) Do you want to live by design instead of just letting life happy to you?
  • 5) Do you reject the grind of 9 to 5. Do you want to escape the oppression of time clocks and bosses, commuting and cubicles?
  • 6) Do you yearn for freedom more than security?
  • 7) Do you renounce your dependence on jobs and benefits?
  • 8) Are you will to work to create independence through entrepreneurship?
  • 9) Do you want to build a business while others slave at jobs for a salary?
  • 10) While others buy liabilities on credit, are you willing to invest in assets through leverage?
  • 11) Are you willing to do what others will not do to get what others cannot have?
  • 12) Are you ready to sacrifice for a short time to fully enjoy life for a long time?
  • 13) Are you willing to produce and create, initiate and innovate instead of wait for good things to come to you by chance?
  • 14) Are you ready to live boldly, while wisely managing risks?
  • 15) Are you ready to stop letting your failures be be cause for defeat, but rather catalysts for success? Are you ready to learn from each failure, picking yourself up, and charging forward?
  • 16) Do you want to live for a purpose and not just for retirement?
  • 17) Will you develop your gifts and talents and leverage them to create value for others and fulfillment for myself?
  • 18) You have one life to live, do you intend to live it fully? Do you want to live with adventure and suck the marrow out of life?

Did you keep a tally of your ‘yes’ answers?

If you answer “yes’ to…

15 or more questions – Congratulations, you are already on your 5 Day Weekend journey. Keep it up!

7-14 questions – You are ready to start your 5 Day Weekend journey. Good luck!

Less than 7 questions – You may be ready to take your 5 Day Weekend journey soon, spend some time learning how it works. Or share this page with a someone you know who you think might be ready to

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