Invest Like A Professional

Invest like a business owner, master the economic cycle, and leverage your position.

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Investing Profitably is like Harvesting Crops

Farmers know there is a season for everything: they plant in the spring, cultivate in the summer, harvest in the fall, and fields lay dormant in the winter. There are seasons of investing economies too. For the past 20 years, Nik and Garrett have been using this methodology for gauging the economy, allowing them to accurately predict the economic seasons and cycles changes.

Invest More Successful by Learning the Economic Clock

You’ll be able to invest more safely and strategically by monitoring things like:

  • rising interest rates
  • following share prices
  • falling commodity prices
  • falling over-seas reserves
  • falling real estate prices
  • rising real estate prices

Learning how to invest in each season is key to becoming part of the 5 Day Weekend lifestyle.

Create an Investing Plan

You can invest like a business owner or property investor; knowing which is the difference and when to do it is the key. When planning your investment strategy you need to understand what season the economic cycle is in and how you can leverage it for your current position.

“rich people see every dollar as a seed, that can be planted to earn 100 more dollars, which can then be replanted to earn 1000 more dollars.” – T Harv Eckert

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