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You’ve got a wealth of choices to build your wealth. But how to choose? Don’t let fear or self-doubt hold you back. We’ve created a library of resources that will show you the way. Whether it’s real estate investing, tax liens, passive income or insurance – we’ve got you covered with absolutely free workbooks and guides.

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Real estate can fuel your continuous cash flow.

Real estate gives you financial leverage, helps you build assets, hedges against inflation and gives you increased tax advantages. It’s more fluid than an IRA. Nik built a sizable portfolio through buying and renting properties. But how do you get started?

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A dream of financial freedom is continuous low-maintenance cash flow.

How do you create that passive income? More important – how do you manage it to make sure it flows? Nik has created a tool that analyzes the potential of any opportunity or investment.

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A powerful recession- and depression-proof investment is tax liens.

A property investor who used Nik’s training is now earning 18% interest on tax lien properties, making thousands of dollars extra a month with little effort. Tax lien investing can take some upfront work but done right it will pay off big.

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Getting just the right short-term Wall Street exposure for profits

Nik uses a short-term strategy so that his risks on Wall Street are minimized. Nik calls his strategy Sharelord. It’s a way to generate income by renting out certain shares for options traders. It’s also a way to augment real estate investing – and a system to boost cash flow.

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Use your insurance premiums as your bank.

Take a page from Warren Buffet’s playbook, as Nik has done. Create insurance policies to generate premiums, using options credit spreads.

See how Nik uses his Bank Strategy to minimize risk and time – and maximize profits.
Decode cryptocurrencies for faster cash flow

Digital cash can pay off. It’s a decentralized cash system that uses cryptography to secure transactions. You can invest in cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and others for high returns and higher potential cash flow. They’re volatile, so you have to know how to approach them.

Find out what Nik has done – and what you can do in the cryptocurrency world.