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A 3-Day Cruise is Yours almost Free!

When you buy a copy of The 5 Day Weekend by authors Nik Halik and Garrett Gunderson, they will pay for your to adventure of a Free 3 Day Cruise as a special thank you! How can they afford to send you on a 3-Day Luxury Cruise for the price of the book, $24.99? It’s simple. They know that if you only apply 3 of the wealth building strategies in the book – you’ll see cash flow results – and you’ll want to learn more about their programs. That’s why they can afford to be generous and inspire you to live a 5 Day Weekend Lifestyle starting with a Free Cruise!

Can I Really Cruise for Free?

Order the book, 5 Day Weekend, and receive 1 Free Cruise Ticket that you can use where and when you want. You’ll get a free cruise ticket, buy the book is worth millions, because it gives you a step by step plan on how you can leave your 9 to 5 grind of a job, and join those who are living their dreams! Some restrictions apply.

Your Free 3-Day Cruise Ticket is ALL-INCLUSIVE

All Cruise Tickets come with:

  • All-inclusive unlimited food. Pizza/hot dog/burger stations, buffet, ice cream stations.
  • 24/7 Dining and room service.
  • All lodging and entertainment too.
  • Theaters, Broadway shows/performances, comedy shows.
  • How to classes like: Line dancing, napkin folding, creative fruit carving, how to make margaritas, excel classes, computer classes, wine pairings, cooking demonstrations, cooking classes,
  • Galley tours
  • Each ship has at 2 pools and hot tubs,
  • Spa
  • Shopping
  • Casino,
  • Themed bars and lounges (ie: piano bar, jazz bar, country bar),
  • Work out facilities, personal training, and fitness classes.
  • Pool volleyball, chip shot golfing
  • Fun competitions like Mr. Sexy legs competition, belly flop competition, and “American Idol” singing contests.
  • Nearly all ships will have ping pong, mini golf, shuffleboard, tennis, basketball courts. jogging/walking tracks.
  • Kids clubs, kid activities, supervised for kids of all ages.
  • Library, DVD library, game room w/ board games and such.
  • Sports bar, Cigar bar and selection
Getting Your Free Cruise Ticket is Simple

Step 1 – Fill out the information in the box!

Step 2 – At check-out check the box marked “YES! I Want a Free Cruise Ticket”

Step 3 – Your email receipt will have your Free Cruise Ticket Access Code when you purchase the book.
Step 4 – You receive a Personal Cruise Concierge that will help you select the date and destination that you want to enjoy the luxury benefits of this cruise! (You’ll also receive upgrade options and deeply discounted companion tickets for as low as $99 to bring along friends and family!

Companion Cruise Tickets

* All cruise cabins are based on double occupancy. (Meaning if 1 person is in the room they must pay the rate as if two are in the room)

* Special discounts apply (Military, Interline, Senior, past guests, etc etc etc – personal cruise concierge will guide you through and apply and of those that they qualify for)

* Discounted rates for 3/4th person in a room

* Rates are based upon space and availability, subject to change at anytime without notice

* Passports are not required for most itineraries. Your cruise concierge will advise you

  Only one free cruise ticket per household.

Choose Your Luxury Cruise Line!
  • Royal Caribbean
  • Carnival Cruise Lines
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines
Choose Your Exciting Destination!
  • Baja, Mexico
  • Catalina, Mexico
  • Ensenada, Mexico
  • Caribbean/Bahamas
  • Most available cruises depart from Los Angeles. Possible destinations are subject to availability.
Upgrade Your Cruise Ticket!
  • Princess
  • Celebrity
  • Holland America
  • Azamara
  • Crystal
  • Disney
  • And several others, just ask your cruise concierge
YES! I’ll Buy the Book & Get My 3-Day Free Cruise to Start My 5-Day Weekend Lifestyle Today!

Don’t Miss Out on this Unique, Fun, and Powerful FREE opportunity. Read the book, take the cruise. Or take the cruise and then read the book. Or read the book while on the cruise. Any way you choose, it is Nik and Garrett’s life purpose to help people just like you succeed at living a life of personal and financial freedom. They want you to get a little taste of living a 5 Day Weekend, so that you are motivated to apply the plans and processes in the book that will guide you adding three more days to your weekend, every week.

Terms and Conditions
  • Only one free cruise ticket per household.
  • When you select your free 1-3 day cruise just pay the additional Government taxes and fees (usually under $100). You can also use the free cruise value towards any other cruise of your choice! When you redeem your free cruise ticket you will speak with a cruise concierge who will guide you through your options to ensure that your cruise experience is a great one.