Master Cryptocurrency Momentum Investing Strategies

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Grow MORE Money with Cryptocurrencies

Saving money will not lead to financial freedom. Investing wisely will, especially if they are Momentum Investments. These “high upside potential” investments don’t mean you’re gambling with money. Gambling is based on a strong emotion of greed combined the lack of understanding of what you’re doing. Momentum investment means you’re completely cool headed, calculating, and strategic.

If You Have a 2:1 Passive Income Ratio You’re Ready for Momentum Investing

Momentum investments have a very high potential upside. The key to beginning momentum investing is that you’ve developed a 2:1 passive income ratio, giving contingencies and buffers. You have twice the amount of passive income then you need to cover your monthly expenses, which is where you can start doing momentum investing that includes:

  • business start-ups
  • private equity investments
  • purchasing distressed businesses
  • gold and silver speculation
  • and occurrences
Investing Momentum Helps You Grow More Money

Crypto-currency is a decentralized digital cash system that uses cryptography to secure transactions. It is becoming more and more part of the Grow MORE Money Strategy set forth by Nik and Garrett. It’s considered to be the money of the future and has become a global phenomenon, not only in the tech industry but also on the investment sector. The adoption rate of crypto-currency is increasing daily with banks, corporations, and governments recognizing the mainstream popularity.

Get Started Investing with Cryptocurrencies

A popular way to buy and sell crypto-currency is to create your own digital currency wallet to use on a platform like: or There are risks involved in these investments as well as fraud security of the platform problems but this is definitely way to grow more money faster.

Download our crypto-currency worksheet using your Passport to find out how to do it safely and wisely.