Grow MORE Money with the Bank Strategy Process
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“Do more and more with less and less until everything you can do everything with nothing.” – Buckminister Fuller
“Bank Strategy” is one of Warren Buffets money making principals. As one of the world’s wealthiest investors, he has generated billions using this strategy.
Here’s the secret!
Insurance companies mathematically stack the odds in their favor; only a fraction of policyholder ever make a claim on their insurance, and the insurance companies keep the majority of the premiums paid. With “Bak Strategy”, insurance contracts in the financial markets are created with a lifespan of just seven days, minimizing risk and time in market. A “safe zone” is created around the policy at a certain price below the current pricing action of the S&P 500 each Friday. The following Thursday, the insurance policy is closed out – as long as the S&P 500 trades above the “safe zone” there is a profit. The entire S&P 500 index would have to seriously plummet for there to be any risk. People like Warren Buffet use a system for using these insurance policies to grow their money and create added revenue to their existing business, lifestyle, and investment portfolios.