Stack the Odds In Your Favor

Master investing in the S&P 500 and leverage your bank strategy to secure more assets, including property and other investments.

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“Do more and more with less and less until everything you can do everything with nothing.” – Buckminister Fuller

“Bank Strategy” is one of Warren Buffets money making principals. As one of the world’s wealthiest investors, he has generated billions using this strategy.

Insurance companies mathematically stack the odds in their favor; only a fraction of policyholder ever make a claim on their insurance, and the insurance companies keep the majority of the premiums paid. With “Bank Strategy”, insurance contracts in the financial markets are created with a lifespan of just seven days, minimizing risk and time in market. A “safe zone” is created around the policy at a certain price below the current pricing action of the S&P 500 each Friday. The following Thursday, the insurance policy is closed out – as long as the S&P 500 trades above the “safe zone” there is a profit. The entire S&P 500 index would have to seriously plummet for there to be any risk. People like Warren Buffet use a system for using these insurance policies to grow their money and create added revenue to their existing business, lifestyle, and investment portfolios.

Nik Halik explains how to uses Bank Strategy to Grow MORE Money

“I create an insurance policy on the performance of the S&P 500. Speculators, traders, and hedge fund managers buy these insurance policies to hedge their bets. These contract buyers are “worried bulls,” meaning they believe the market is going up, but they want to mitigate their risk. If the market goes up, they’re only out the relatively low amount they’ve paid for the insurance policy. If the market declines significantly and they lose money, the insurance policy pays out to restore what they lost. I incorporate this strategy for purchasing property assets and other investments.”

  Part of learning to have more financial freedom so you can work only when you want to is mastering the “Bank Strategy”. In the 5 Day Weekend book, online courses, and live seminars you learn how to apply the same mathematical methodology  and use “Bank Strategy” as a form of cash flow to be used for purchasing property assets and investments.

5 Day Weekender Talks “Bank Strategy” Benefits

Joel was a beginner investor who didn’t know where or how to start. He had aspirations to reduce the hours he worked in construction and complained about never experiencing any kind of investment success. He was looking for a passive, low-risk/high-return investment that worked whether the financial markets moved up, down, or sideways. He started with the Bank Strategy, doing several insurance contracts each Friday. Within six months, he scaled this to over sixty-eight contracts each Friday, generating him $47,896 in net income. Joel says, “The Bank Strategy beats doing construction all day every day.” Joel wants to potentially leave his day job in the next three years. He wants the Bank Strategy to boost his cash flow reserves to pursue travel plans and his passions in life.